Are charles watson and rebecca taylor dating

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Are charles watson and rebecca taylor dating

The beaches are amazing, the waves are massive and I thought we had a really good gig there as well. I've never been to Perth but lots of foreigners who visit there – musicians in particular – seem to love it. But, you know, something that really struck me about Australia was the breakfasts. I know Melbourne's supposed to be the really fun place but I thought Perth was beautiful and I really liked it there.Charles Watson and Rebecca Taylor are Slow Club, one of those boy/girl duos that churn out saccharine folk-pop which makes you want to sway side-to-side and be fancy free. Yeah, kind of, we've been playing some shows in America and England. It's like this kind of different experience to what we're used to. So, can you tell me a bit about what the music scene is like back at home in Sheffield?

On 1 September 2008, their first extended play, Let's Fall Back in Love, was released.Their debut album Yeah So was great, follow-up Paradise was even better and now their latest effort, Complete Surrender, is deservedly getting rave reviews.We caught up with Slow Club’s Charles Watson for his thoughts on the band’s evolving sound, celebrity cameos in videos and weird fan mail…“It wasn’t so much about the sound as the mentality going forward, not throwing the whole kitchen sink at it, which is what we did with the last one. The idea behind it was to be a bit more reserved as opposed to putting reverb on everything.” Slow Club's debut album, Yeah So, was released in July 2009, followed by the release of their second EP Christmas, Thanks for Nothing in December 2009.

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The band's second album, Paradise, produced by Luke Smith (Clor), was released on 12 September 2011.