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Chanel favorite Freja Beha Erichsen stars and the cat-tastic styling is courtesy Carine Roitfeld.“The mix [of Carine Roitfeld] with Freja was genius,” Karl Lagerfeld told WWD this past April. A new image from Chanel's fall campaign just leaked on Fashin.In case you missed our late night couture story last night, there are some interesting rumors floating around the couture shows.Our Market Director, Joann Pailey said word on the street (or in the front row of Chanel couture's show at the Grand Palais) was that model of the moment, Arizona Muse, is dating model of every moment, Freja Beha Erichsen.

Terry Richardson shot the above photo of Muse and Erichsen together at the end of April.

I was equating birthing with sexuality – silly me, I know.) So there now might be a new queer model It’s the Fourth, and strangely enough it’s non-U. My favorite look was this lemon-colored, diaphanous, floor-length dress.

The grit and painterly quality of the flag looks like a reference to Jasper Johns’ “Flag” series from the 1950s.

Muse shot to fame in 2010 after taking a year off to welcome her son Nikko.

Before the break, she had long blonde hair and modeled for uncredited beauty editorials and Urban Outfitters catalogs.

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The modeling duo has been making plenty of appearances on magazine covers (the girls shared the cover of in March) and at photographers' studios.

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