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If a couple finds themselves in the situation that they are married civilly, but considered unmarried by the Church since they never requested the Sacrament of Marriage, then they should contact a priest in order to begin the process of convalidating their union.

This process is usually not very difficult and opens the way for the couple to live their faith more fully.

Some people refer to convalidation as the Church "blessing" a marriage.

In fact, it is the actual exchange of vows, the actual sacrament that takes place.

As a result, he and Maria had only brief moments together on weekends.

For those Catholics who were married outside of the Catholic Church and wish to receive the Sacrament of Matrimony, they can do so through convalidation.

The Church cares for her members as the Body of Christ.

The second is that the requirement for renewed consent contained in canons 11 is also necessarily applicable in the case of the ceremony rectifying the civil union of a Catholic.

The article then concludes that invalid convalidation is not an autonomous ground of nullity and should not be accepted as a legitimate ground by Tribunals.

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Recently, my husband and I have discussed going through a Convalidation Ceremony for our 5th or 10th Anniversary.