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Hell, one look at the guy at a bar, and most women I know would have shuddered and walked the other way. The United States has produced more serial killers than any other nation on earth, and 85 percent of them have been white men, according to a study by Apsche.But Markoff wasn't served up to the public this way by the media. The hidden code in the news coverage of Markoff, as it was for "preppy killer" Robert Chambers and countless other white male killers, has been clear: tall, young white guys, especially middle-class or wealthy ones in college, just don't do stuff like this. The average age that serial killers take their first victim is 28; 62 percent target strangers exclusively and 71 percent operate in a specific geographic area.Check that: You should expect to hand over the keys to your car.No self-respecting motorcyclist would be caught dead riding shotgun, and any biker worth his salt isn’t going to show up in a car anyhow. Think again, Juliet - Romeo is surely not all he’s cracked up to be.Instead, expect to end up getting to know each other better over a mess o’ribs at Steak N’ Steer. We’re Taking Your Car Unless you’re willing to have a major hair-do altering experience, you should expect to drive.said, simply, that "by all appearances, he had it all."Over and over again, coast to coast, American media outlets told us how good-looking, smart and "normal" Markoff was, or should have been.As I read and watched the media coverage of the 22-year-old alleged killer, I was stunned -- though not surprised -- by the fawning tone taken by the nation's reporters.

My favorite comment was that he “has four girls buried under his crawl space.”Well Elite Daily readers, I wrote that article, and I am a female. If you choose not to, that's your choice and I hope that it makes you happy.After all, given the available information, Markoff could have been painted as weird, anti-social, woman-hater, irresponsible, deeply in debt, broke and in the midst of eviction from his apartment.He could have been presented as a stone-faced, emotionless creep who scared classmates by forcing kisses on them and had a long history of strange behavior. media perception of privileged white men as nonviolent rulers of the earth to be counter to fact. While it’s feasible Chateau L’Xpensif has a dinner jacket loaner for your beau, there’s no way he’s getting into the dining room wearing Deth Killers. Beyond the hot bike, the cool clothes, and the devil-may-care attitude, your biker guy likely has a slew of things higher on his priority list than you. Right Biker, beware: here are a few things of which you might want to be wary. We’re Probably Wearing Jeans If you were hoping for a romantic, candlelit meal at a tres-fancee restaurant, forget it.

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I wrote that article because those are the women I would hate to see my close guy friends or my brothers end up with.