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International Association of Eating Disorders Professionals (IAEDP)IAEDP offers nationwide education, training, certification, and a semiannual conference for practitioners who treat people with eating disorders. National Sexual Violence Resource Center NSVRC serves as the principle information and resource center regarding all aspects of sexual violence in the United States.

Developed with components adaptable to diverse objectives, this initiative can include performances and custom workshops or can be used as a resource in your own work with media literacy, health, eating disorders, identity and self-esteem, sex/sexuality, drugs and alcohol, violence and conflict resolution, etc. National Institute of Mental Health This homepage provides information on a number of mental health issues, including information about eating disorders.

The great thing about blogging, compared to traditional print media, is that you can update posts as often as you like.For instance, here is a thread about watching videos in French, or here is a long list of links for learning Chinese, this thread shares German links, this one is for Italian, and Dutch here.When you ask, those in the forum can also point you to other specific language link lists elsewhere online, such as this one for Spanish resources.Scammers victimize vulnerable Canadians, individuals who may be at their lowest.The best way to fight these types of crime is through awareness.

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The impact of fraud on individuals, families and businesses can be devastating.