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Dating someone hiv undetectable

For some time now we’ve known that having an undetectable viral load (VL) significantly reduces the chances of transmitting the virus onto partners and thus reduces the chance of infection, but in a landmark study of 1,110 couples (40% gay couples) there were no recorded transmissions of HIV between the positive and negative partners.

The PARTNER study took on 1,110 couples – 40% of which were gay.

Joyce Hunter: It would be great if all youths had access to accurate, comprehensive information about all aspects of sexuality, including HIV, other STDs, contraception, and sexual orientation.

I wouldn’t be so sure that teenagers in cities necessarily have access to all the information and resources that they need.

Alison Rogers from The PARTNER Study told CROI 2014 conference attendees that zero infections is not the same as zero percent risk.

With a 95% confidence in their figures the team peg the risk per year at 0.45% to the negative partner, and 1% for those who engage in anal sex.

The headline news is that out of an estimated 16,400 occasions of sex in the gay men and 14,000 in the heterosexuals there have been no reported HIV transmissions within the study couples.

A number of people in the study did become HIV positive but through genetic testing the the study was able to determine that the virus had come from outside of the relationship.

There is no clear-cut answer, but here are some things to consider.And while some suburbs are affluent, it’s important to remember that poverty, and the stresses that come with it, also affect many suburban and, especially, rural areas.Of course, the Internet has done a great deal to bring access to new resources and support to everyone, regardless of their geographic location.However, it still makes sense to take extra steps such as using a condom (see fact sheet 153.) Condoms are very effective at preventing the spread of HIV.They must be used correctly, every time you have sex.

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Someone may become sicker once the second strain of the virus enters the system.

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