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Especially the golfer, which has checked trousers as apposed to plain ones.As all the jugs were hand painted they tend to vary slightly depending how the artist painted them and what colours were used.You can use this sub-vi to read a Sylvac dial gauge through a PC's serial port. I tried with Dublex cable also but without success.

A lot of buyers don’t appear to realize that Sylva C ceased trading in 1982.

Hi Tony, I know I have currently got Yellow and Cream/White definitely Sylvac to add to your list.

I have had chocolate and the early cellulose ones came in down right weird colours, I had a white one with bright pink eyes....

The studio also produced whimsical figures in human poses and expressions.

Arthur Gredington was appointed modeller for animals of all kinds taking the credit for the superb work produced for his accurate and realistic animals.

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Others in that region are the Kingfisher, Dragons etc.

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