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Hello Chamil, ASPx Grid View uses ASPx Date Editor for date editing.The editor can work with a Date Time object, which cannot be converted from a Time Span object automatically. Grid View Edit Item Template Container)' has some invalid arguments" Hi Asiri, Thank you for your clarification.I discovered that the Cell Editor Initialize method not execute when popup the edit form. Cell Editor Initialize event does not fire for this column. This will help us to determine the cause of the problem. Please help: Error message "CS1502: The best overloaded method match for ' PCS_POS_NG_UI. Developer Express Inc disclaims all warranties, either express or implied, including the warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.Please help My code is:--Grid Control Css File Path="~/App_Themes/Dev Ex//styles.css" Css Postfix="Dev Ex" Data Source ID="Object Data Source1" Key Field Name="Id" On Row Inserting="grd Shifts_Row Inserting" On Row Updating="grd Shifts_Row Updating" On Row Deleting="grd Shifts_Row Deleting" On Parse Value="grd Shifts_Parse Value" On Cell Editor Initialize="grd Shifts_Cell Editor Initialize" Hi Chamil, Thank you for your response. Cell Editor Initialize event fires only for built-in editors. To solve the problem, you need to create a custom method for converting values as shown below: I have implemented the suggested solution. Thanks, Nikolai ') to my ASPx Time Edit control. Grid View Edit Item Template Container)' has some invalid arguments"Also I have included this method as well.protected Date Time Get My Time(Grid View Edit Item Template Container container) Sorry for the inconvenience. If you still cant understand my issue I will implement a sample web project and upload. Please refer to the Dev Website Terms of Use for more information.Command Argument: The Command Argument can contain any string set by the programmer.The Command Argument property complements the Command Name property by allowing you to provide any additional information for the command.

@clarifier Well, it's calling the code behind method every time. However you should pay attention to the implementation of the method. In my approach, you can leave the commandfield as is, then you can hide it as needed via code behind.If it is expensive, this could easily sum up to a large cost. In this example, I am hiding it if the field "Scenario" of the grid shows the text "Actual" for the relevant row of the Row Data Bound event.I almost gave up and just convert my commandfield to a templatefield but I know it can be done so I keep on searching for it. (Although I'm still not sure what the asker meant about the declarative answer.) If this was based on roles you could use the multiview panel but not sure if you could do the same against a property of the record. In your rowdatabound event you can hide or show the button in it.But now i'm getting "CS1502: The best overloaded method match for ' PCS_POS_NG_UI. But after implementing this code I unable to run the project. When I try to open this page I'm getting the following error.

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