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25% of those who view an ad effected by SCP-XXXX will not perceive it as normal, and will instead perceive it as an advertisement promoting a product manufactured by ‘Dr. All products so far have fit into the criteria of previous Dr. SCP-XXXX was first discovered in February 20██, after a magazine ad promoting a health care product by the company, ██████, had been reported by many to be an advertisement for a product called ‘Dr. Shortly after, many other instances of SCP-XXXX began appearing within various other forms of advertisements created by ██████. The instance proceeded to create a shockwave directed towards the locker, destroying it and several others.

Foundation agents were dispatched immediately and all advertisements containing SCP-XXXX were removed. It was like i was physically incapable of writing about it! The sudden shock caused several instances to fall off course and release numerous shockwaves in a panic, destroying much of Hallway 14.

Item #: SCP-XXXX Object Class: Euclid Special Containment Procedures: Description: SCP-XXXX is a memetic hazard effecting various advertisements produced by merchandising companies throughout the United States. When i tried using a red pen to write about it, it worked! Niles: …Are you certain it wasn’t just your pen running out? As such, Site-26's layout was altered to create a path, Hallway 14, that SCP-XXXX could safely traverse.

SCP-XXXX most commonly effects billboards and magazine ads, however SCP-XXXX has reportedly effected smaller forms of advertisements as well. Incident XXXX-2: On ██/██/20██, several instances of SCP-XXXX, including multiple ducklings, were crossing Hallway 14 to Location XXXX-A, a mother instance of SCP-XXXX and its offspring went off track towards a nearby locker.

not the end, bring more colleagues next time, we’ll probably need an even bigger room as start of term approaches and raises, consulting, and IP come up. Disclaimer: My respectful opinion of what people said, or were thinking but were too decent or well-paid to say. The faculty union team is putting up counter after counter, signing off when the administration responds reasonably, and sticking to its guns when they don’t.

Or at least that’s the theory, for rational agents. We take out “civilly” and now say “with respect” – which sounds better in Italian. I can’t imagine an activity where the university would be able to discipline them. While the administration has backed down a lot, they are still unwilling to explicitly provide the protections for faculty who who criticize the administration that the Senate proposed in April, and which Gottfredson rejected. Mauer to Altmann: Why did you drop our language about reasonable standards for termination? we need to change from NTTF’s to TTF’s to teach more grad students (and fewer undergrads? Requires admin to have a demonstrably legitimate reason to access info. Mauer: No, we like section 7 and the “reasonable expectation of privacy ….” Rudnick: That’s a legal term and we don’t want to have it in a contract, in case some lawyer might then try to use it to protect the faculty. Now you’re trying to exploit our mistake to get a reasonable policy. Rudnick thinks the union’s use of “reasonable” is unreasonable. Access shall be limited, using technical or procedural controls, to the least permission necessary for the performance of duties.And the scammers now have models to copy so they look like legit companies!The end result is that it's becoming increasingly hard to tell the difference between a legitimate opportunity and a scam.Item #: SCP-XXXX-J Object Class: Euclid Special Containment Procedures: All components of SCP-XXXX-J are to be contained within a standard containment locker at Site-17. Howard: Well i tried writing my report, and when i started writing about SCP-XXXX-J-1, my pen ran out! Niles: We have computers, why are you using a pe- Dr. Instances were eventually subdued and led back to their usual course using a path of bread crumbs laid out by staff.Staff are not to refer to any instances of SCP-XXXX-J individually whether it be through speech or written text, and are to only refer to SCP-XXXX-J collectively to avoid activation of their anomalous effects. Item #: SCP-XXXX Object Class: Safe Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX must be contained within a standard cognitohazard animal containment unit (per RAISA 7855-A-12).

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Today, we're going to teach you how to tell the difference.