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Posted by / 25-Mar-2016 20:01

Before going into a monday matinee of the film, I had yet to encounter a person that liked the film and critical buzz has been tame to say the least. Sure Killing Them Softly is an imperfect American dream through hell, however if you give it a chance it might just lure you into its sadistic criminal world.

Suprising given the fact that Dominik's highly underrated The Assassination Of Jesse James By The Coward Robert Ford was a mesmerizing journey into an American killer's mind. With nary a light in sight within its frames the film is heavy on dialogue and gruesome violence.

This is a story of two sisters who unfortunately fall in love with the son of the man who killed their father.

Will they revenged the death of their father or will love conguer?

It's this confusion in style that limits the potential of the film - yet some of the scenes Dominik creates stick with you.

The travails of women chronicles the pains of women in marriages, relationships, childbirths, work places etc.

Siverbird television known for entertainment and youth oriented programmes shows REVENGE.

Not good but exactly what the guys that pulled it off wanted - that is until one of them fucks it up and puts his crew in a lot of heat.

That is where Brad Pitt's Jackie comes into the picture, a hit man that is given the task of chasing these heist pullers and killing them (softly as he says).

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