Halloween dating ideas

Posted by / 18-Dec-2016 01:14

Halloween dating ideas

I have to admit we hosted a party last year just to avoid this problem, and we’re feeling lucky for our invite to one this year! Attend a local farm’s celebration, you can almost always count on good chili!

However, it’s not something you can bank on, and I know we’ll have this problem again!

Here are some spooky All Hallows Eve-themed date ideas and even where best to enjoy them around the country.

The haunted house is a staple of Halloween-time fun.

What about those who are dating, engaged, or married and childless? Take a laptop to a creepy location and watch a scary movie (think woods, abandoned warehouse, your unfinished basement, a cemetery). Listen to a creepy story podcast, once again, think of a cool location to visit.

Halloween has always been a huge hit at our home and we are always looking for fun activities!

Scroll on for 10 next-level scary date-night ideas for you and your boo. But scary movies at a drive-in theater take horror to the next level.

If anything, being scared will only give you an excuse to take comfort in each other’s arms. Check your local event spaces for special screenings of horror movie classics, and don’t forget the popcorn! Picnic at a Graveyard: Just think of it like a regular picnic at the beach.

Not only does this haunted attraction live up to its name but you’ll have to do it completely alone.

Halloween, traditionally a holiday for kids to enjoy, is also the perfect date night: it promotes fun and frolic, you can become someone else for a day without consequence, and there are many unusual things to do and share with a loved one that can't be replicated any other day of the year.

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But today’s seasonal attractions feature more than just a pubescent boy hiding in the corner ready to jump out and scare you.