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Lee said “she wants to play a character, she wants to act, she’s really in it.” The episode obviously ends with a big cliffhanger with Alicia’s character. The story that we’re telling, you’ll see in episode 10.Why did you want Alicia to play the woman who Jamal kisses? Will Rosie be back for more or is this just a one-episode deal? We love that we’re starting to get into Cookie’s backstory and meeting people that she was in prison with so maybe we will get to see her back.She says clearly that Alicia broke up her marriage, which was going well as far as she was concerned, but that she has accepted it and had moved on.I’m so impressed by how well written and convincing this woman’s story is.The reported about a year ago, in October, 2008, that Alicia had broken up with Beatz, a music producer, after she learned that he was still with his wife when they first started dating.

The two have since been photographed out together several times.

…y’all know Swizzy is only like 116 pounds soaking wet…in the hell did he pull this off??

More family vacay flicks of the whole crew, including Mashonda, next…

I remember hearing that Alicia Keys, 28, was dating a guy named Swizz Beatz and that he was married.

Beatz , 31,filed for divorce last summer, and claimed at the time that his divorce had nothing to do with his relationship with Keys.

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The thirsty paparazzi were on hand during a recent family vacation to St.