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In 2008, Sov returned with a more mature look, a new album, Jigsaw, that she released independently, and a surprise appearance on Celebrity Big Brother in the UK.

Fans showed their support and tuned in to see what would happen when the MC entered a house full of singers, actors and other public figures, including model Nicola Tappenden, who eventually had a conversation with Sov about relationships on camera.

She was not prohibited from a public role—that would be "for her to decide"—though her foreign trips, unless they were private holidays, would have to be signed off on by the Foreign Office and the Queen.

Those terms included: the lump sum of £17 million ( million), £400,000 (5,000) annually for Diana's office, and Diana to be known as Diana, Princess of Wales, without the designation H. "I will give it back to you one day, when I am king."Diana got to keep her residence and have her office at Kensington Palace.

Fans of Lady Sovereign have speculated on her sexuality since she first debuted her single “Random.” She was reportedly spotted at lesbian bars while on tour in the U. and also loved to use Sapphic hand gestures, jokes and comments while on stage.

Then there were the rumors about who she was dating or had hooked up with, everyone from club promoters to Katy Perry.

In the US, Lady Sovereign is billed as the next Eminem, and has signed to Jay-Z's record label.

This month, the MC is on the cover of Diva magazine, where she gave her first official interview on being gay and how she came out.but how much I hate your winding Just because I'm a little younger Don't mind me, duff don't make you smarter All day long I break down with laughter When you lose your ten brake You're an asshole Make you a money man How many pennies have you gotten from me? Yeah, there might be a bit of recession going on right now But, I ain't going down like you suckers Trust me When you rip me off, I'll rip your head off Yeah, it's lady sovereign Songwriters Gottwald, Lukasz / Levin, Benjamin / Harman, Louise Amanda Published by Lyrics © Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd., Universal Music Publishing Group Song Discussions is protected by U. At 23, she has passed through hype and backlash to become, arguably, what she always was: an underground artist with mass appeal. D: What’s your creative process with your producer, Medasyn? They wouldn’t have let me put out a ten-track album, no fucking way. I can say “No,” and nobody’s going to be pissed off or breathe down my neck.On the eve of her North American tour, which includes a stop at the El Rey Theatre on May 26, she answered ’s phone greeting with forked tongue in cheek: “You called me Louise,” she said. LS: I’ll have ideas in my head of what I want to say, but I need a beat to inspire me. LS: Literally the same, but the difference was I hadn’t been in a studio for some time. I kind of knew it was going to happen, ’cause I wasn’t exactly making a million fucking dollars. I remember I had a big bottle of champagne in my house, so I drunk that all by myself. I had to call my friends over to come make sure I was all right before it got to a different level of upset. LS: Yeah, tons, like going on tour with Gwen Stefani and traveling the world, opportunities like that. I can draw the line and take breaks when I want to. And getting to develop other artists is something I’ve always wanted to do.

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