Online dating commercial rejected gay

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Online dating commercial rejected gay

On Wednesday, the network announced that they had approved a pro-life commercial starring Florida quarterback Tim Tebow, funded by the conservative Christian group Focus on the Family, to air during the game.

"I'm elated that Comcast heard our cries," the activist, Fred Karger, said in a phone interview Wednesday, adding, "It would have been easier if we didn't have to go through all this." Karger's goal is to glean tipster information from insiders to challenge the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints' tax-exempt status.

Bartlett wrote the report rejecting the ad, and shortly after sending the report, Avid Life Media published a press release, including her name, phone number and the confidential report, all of which led to her being branded "a homophobe" online. Gay sex is reduced to a ploy for cheap laughs." Bartlett also considered the ad submission to be a marketing ploy; noting the fact that the two men in the ad were wearing Packers and Vikings jerseys, she wrote that the jerseys appeared to be a safeguard that would guarantee the ad would be rejected.

Bartlett wrote that the reason she rejected the ad's content was not because it contained two men kissing, but because it did so in a manner exploiting gay men: "The entire premise is how funny and weird it is that two guys would make out. "In order to show NFL jerseys, clients have to spend a lot of money to obtain licensing.

He opens up to a photo spread, takes a good long leer, and then closes the magazine and shrugs. "Still gay." A big red stamp slams across his face, reading: "Rejected by e Harmony." The announcer says, "Who knows why e Harmony has rejected over 1 million people looking for love?

But at you can come as you are." The dating Web site e Harmony has a heteros-only policy, and lately it's been catching a lot of flak for that. e-mails: "As a gay man, I am outraged at e Harmony's refusal to allow guys who like guys or girls who like girls to post ads on their site.

According to a rep for the dating site, which operates under the slogan “Where Many Many Many Men Come Out to Play,” the ad was submitted on Monday, January 18th.

2) He says e Harmony's goal is creating marriages, and since same-sex marriage is "largely illegal" that's an "issue for us." I call complete bullpoo on both these rationales.To resolve the dispute, Karger, who had posted a letter to Comcast CEO Brian Roberts on his California group's website,, had a one-on-one meeting at the Comcast Center on Saturday with a senior vice president.Karger was traveling on the East Coast, allowing him to come to Philadelphia.But Karger said they were canceled after he held a news conference in Salt Lake City two weeks ago announcing the launch of the ad campaign.(Man is looking through girlie magazine, turning the pages, laughing, turning the magazine vertically) (He sighs, then closes the magazine with a concerned look on his face then he looks at the camera) "Nope.

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In the ads, young former Mormon Church members -- who answered a casting call in Utah -- ask viewers to help uncover the church's "vast business holdings" and "secret political activities," directing tipsters to