Running a dating agency

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Running a dating agency

Other forms of dating can be much more stringent, with many personal introductions companies conducting very thorough background checks and also some dating event companies check identities and addresses before they would allow an individual to join an event.

GMG receives a fee for running London Horizons, a not-for-profit leisure and accommodation business that operates from the same site as the school and makes income that is returned to the academy.

In fact, many agencies have pointed out that unless they have access to police records, they can never be entirely certain about the backgrounds of their clients.

It is impossible to rule out all risks when using a dating agency, but there are some basic safety rules you can follow to increase your security.

The two schools’ land and buildings are owned by the Durand Education Trust, which is regulated by the Charity Commission and has been the subject of an operational compliance case since October because of questions about its governance and potential conflicts of interest.

MPs on the Public Accounts Committee heard earlier this week that Sir Greg Martin, the headteacher of Durand Academy, received almost £400,000 from his school salary and from income earned through running a leisure centre on the school’s site.

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29 January 2015 by Andy Ricketts , 2 comments Paula Sussex, chief executive of the Charity Commission, tells the Public Accounts Committee that it is moving towards opening a statutory inquiry into the Durand Academy Trust The Charity Commission is considering opening a statutory inquiry into a charity associated with an academy school after it emerged that a dating agency in which the headteacher has a stake had been registered at the school’s address.

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