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, an online newspaper for Orthodox Jewish college students, I had received several submissions like this before, and I braced myself for yet another lament on dating.But as I continued to read through the article, I saw that it actually discussed a very relevant issue that has confronted many in my community.Among peasant families, marriage traditionally involved an exchange of goods, land rights and labor commitments.[Source: , edited by Paul Friedrich and Norma Diamond (C. Hall & Company, Boston)] Marriages are registered at the local Citizen's records and Licensing Bureau. Couples today marry much later than they did in the Communist era.Marriage represented a crucial institution for Imperial Russia and indeed as a foundation for the existing social and even political order. Marriages of persons of all the Christian confessions must be concluded by their law [i.e., by the rules of their confession] and by the clergy of the church to which those entering marriage belong; but those marriages are also considered to be valid when, in the absence of a pastor or priest of their religion in the given location, the marriage is performed by an Orthodox priest, but in such a case the conclusion and dissolution of those marriages are dictated by the rules and rituals of the Orthodox church. But what about those cases when two persons confessing different religious wished to enter marriage? If the groom or the bride belongs to the Orthodox confession [and the other to another confession], in such a case everywhere, except Finland (for whose native inhabitants in the next article (68) an exception is provided), the following is required: 1) that persons of other confessions, entering into marriage with persons of the Orthodox confession, give a written promise that they will not revile their spouses, nor incline them through enticement, threats or any other means to accept their faith, and that children born in this marriage will be baptized and raised in the rules of the Orthodox confession…But while civil marriage had begun to make its appearance in other European countries, marriage in Russia remained a resolutely religious affair and continued to be regulated by the rules of the empire's various faiths, which included Orthodoxy, Uniatism (until 1875), Catholicism, Protestanism, Armeno-Gregorianism, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, and "paganism." Below are some of the relevant sections of the law regulating marriage: Art. Persons of all the Christian confessions are freely permitted in Russia to enter marriages with one another by the rituals and rules of their churches, without requesting special permission from the civil government, but with the observance of the limitations established for those confessions. In such cases, the law made the following basic provisions: Art. Marriages of persons of Orthodox confession with persons of Roman Catholic confession, concluded only by Roman Catholic priests, are considered invalid until such time that the marriage has been performed by an Orthodox priest. ; 2) that in the conclusion of such marriages all the rules and precautions that have been established generally for marriages between persons of the Orthodox confession are executed and observed without fail; 3) [and] that such marriages be concluded by an Orthodox priest in an Orthodox church…. I thought that Muslims were Ali Baba and the 40 thieves and the magic carpet ride.

Urban couples tend to get married later than rural couples. Kon wrote in the International Encyclopedia of Sexuality: “Because of the economic collapse, the institution of marriage is in a deep crisis.Meanwhile, the groom, Mikhail Matsukevich, knowing that "mixed" marriages legally required an Orthodox ceremony, nonetheless appealed to the Orthodox Archbishop of Lithuania to permit a Catholic ceremony instead.Noting that he had now lived with Venedikta out of wedlock for ten years and that they had already given birth to a daughter, Matsukevich contested the claim that his bride was actually Orthodox. [The members of] each ethnicity and people, not excluding pagans, are allowed to enter into marriage by the rules of their law [i.e., their religion] or by accepted customs, without the participation of civil authorities or of Christian religious authorities.(1) The matter was clear enough, then, when both bride and groom were of the same confession.It is forbidden to accept requests for permission to perform the rite of marriage by the rules of a foreign [non-Orthodox] church alone [i.e., to accept requests for exceptions].(2) Of course, if a non-Orthodox person converted to Orthodoxy prior to a marriage to an Orthodox person, then the stipulations on mixed marriage would disappear.

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