Why i gave up dating

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Whether or not my profile made mention of what exactly I was looking for from a man (I oscillated: sometimes I was in for a romantic connection, other times I was just down for booty), the responses came anyway: graphic, lewd and oddly specific at times ("I find your hands very arousing", "I want to masturbate").Even at the peak of my slew of no-strings affairs, I still wanted to be treated like a human being (surprise!It's shameful for you to believe that women go out with the intention of going home with you. Men, I know you don't all think and act this way, but when you partake in conversations with friends who do think this way, you must stop excusing their ideas. Are we so deeply immersed in hookup culture that we no longer feel the need to have conversations?

When was the last time you proved yourself to be a catch? It's rare to find someone who has never been scorned in a relationship.Then I realized that Evan—super-hot, emotionally remote—was just the most recent player in a pattern that had long dimmed my romantic prospects.For as long as I could remember, I'd gone for a guy's hotness quotient above all else: over intelligence, kindness, humor, personality, everything.They'd never communicated before, but he knew who she was. After months of escalating melodrama—professions of his ardor, served alongside constant pleas for "space"—this felt like the ultimate slap in the face and was just the latest in a string of manipulative ploys meant to upset me.So I finally cut off contact with him and swore off men for a few months.

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