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Even the more exaggerated aspects of the skit don't stray far from what women experience every day—even to men who claim to be down for the cause, but are unable to action the necessary measures to give women a voice.

The oil on canvas masterpiece, A Man in Armour by Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn (160669) dating from about 1655, is the highlight of the Dutch collection and one of the greatest paintings in Glasgow.

In each by Maureen Orth, the Versace story chronicles the designer's murder in 1997.'s Max Greenfield will also make an appearance, but his role is unknown as of now.You can scroll through all of the gaudy pics below, including one of Martin like you've never seen him before.What ensues is a textured look at patriarchy smashing, replete with perfect .GIFable moments to highlight your very own quest to assert your power and gain an equal seat at the table, because hell truly hath no fury like a woman (or group of women) scorned.

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The bit even features musical guest, Lorde, who is invited to perform for the women, only to be completely pushed aside and sung over by Mooney and Bennett.